Take control of your supply chain

We have the best technological solutions so that you have complete visibility of the flow of your operations.

Real-time visibility

We provide a clear view of all operations of your factories, suppliers, carriers, employees and other supply chain partners in real time.

Screenshot of an operation on KapellMeister
Screenshot of information on KapellMeister


We synchronize information on the activities of all participants in the supply chain. Our cloud-based technology gives you powerful insight into every step of your supply chain.

Why use KapellMeister?

KapellMeister is the ultimate cloud solution for the control, monitoring, tracking, visibility and traceability of your entire supply chain. Synchronize, Sort, Filter, Plan and Automate all your processes with KapellMeister efficiently.

Organize, filter and sort

Organize the information as you find it useful, use the advanced filters and discard less relevant information.


It reduces the need for recaptures and automates time-consuming and/or error-prone processes.

Proactive planning

Improved operational efficiency and visibility enabling greater control throughout your international supply chain.


Manage only what you need to. Intelligent alerts, escalations and exception management allow you to focus your staff on the items that need attention.

Timely decisions

Get constant access to your KPIs through the platform and work with our team to design customized business intelligence tools.

Continuously creating value

By entrusting your supply chain IT needs to a proven platform, you can simplify operations, reduce costs and improve your business performance.

Your objectives are our objectives

We achieved results

We understand our responsibility, and we know that the path to a long-term relationship is results. results. That's why our focus is to help you achieve a better operation, which in the end is reflected in what is what is important for every company, its economic results. economic results.

Combining our knowledge in logistics, our experience in the development of technological platforms, and the automation of processes, we will be constantly looking for areas of improvement and savings for you.

  • 30%Time Savings
  • 25%Service Level
  • 10%Resource Savings
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The KapellMeister Method

Buying stuff


In charge of purchase orders and resolving any problems that arise with the supplier and placed orders. The information of all placed orders is transmitted daily and automatically to the KM platform through the integration of your ERP and an FTP server.

Business deal


Responsible for shipping documents (invoice, Packing List, Certificates of Origin, etc.) sent by means of a file that is uploaded directly to the platform; if it is done via email in a PDF, a process will be created by a "Robot" so that this task is done automatically.

Container ship

Freight Forwarder

Responsible for the booking, transport documents and all information related to the transport of the goods, including the permanent update of the ETA. The information is transmitted electronically and automatically and synchronized to the platform.


Customs Broker

Responsible for the import process and the generation of the pedimento, which once validated and paid is automatically transmitted and synchronized to the KM so that the amounts associated to each item within the pedimento can be set and the following documents of the process can be generated.

Delivery truck

National Carrier

Transports the cargo to the final destination, warehouse or CEDIS, to be received. Transmits the waybill, cargo data and status to be integrated and cross-checked with the Electronic Remittance containing the KM.

Control panel

Control Tower

Responsible for monitoring and controlling that all shipments are working correctly. If this is not the case, identify the person responsible and support him/her to get it resolved. His main task is to supervise and ensure that all shipments are complete and green for immediate import.

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